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Monday, 9 April 2012

Island of eggs

Egg rains on a cloudy day  
Crack shells to show new visions of you 
Sat bathing, hair dangling, new birth  

With passion of thy tender love 
A dog barking to announce ooh-rah 
Like the trumpets pronounce in chambers 

This is vision surrealism of view 
Seen with red feathers in your presence  
Anchored on invisible strings from the heavens  

Red cells of blood, to form life, to form you 
Life of your being, of your purpose 
To be of this realm on touch down

On egg's island, a Faberge of you 
Coming on a chariot  as royal  to a throne  
Where, treasured shells carpet the floor after birth

The making of you 
I envisaged the making of you, sage 
I saw your prominence before you were crowned 


  1. very nice imagery friend, liking your new blog layout, sorry for the absence, but im here now ;)

  2. Let us stand together as we launch arrows at the gently falling eggs, laughing together hysterically all the while!
    We shall never be short of blood again ,a healthy situation for all concerned

  3. Where I see red feathers in your presence
    Anchored on invisible strings from heaven


    where treasured shells carpet the floor after birth

    were my favorite lines.

    Well done.

  4. This flows very well and the images are quite dramatic--well-done!


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