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Sunday, 22 April 2012

My verdant youth

Fields are with most value 
And most loved to admire 
When they are at their verdant pasture 

And the youth of man
Is in his most prime to stand verdant 
To gallantly leap off hills unto mountains 

Why does nature play silly games with me 
Lay a feast when I am to watch my weight 
And starve me at my verdant youth ?

While the youth stand out and envy 
The riches of those a decade ahead,
Verdant with hope and wish to trade shoes 

The old envy the youthfulness of those a decade below 
So young, verdant, wild and free 
With little ponder of what tomorrow holds 

It is like the con of the retailer 
Who never has the right change to give 
Fiddling in her box, waiting to hear "keep the change" 

"Come back tomorrow" she says 
"If only you were here yesterday" she adds 
Why does nature play silly games with me ?

To deprive me of the fortune 
In my youthful verdant 
When fields are with most value of energy to burn 

Yet short straws of come back tomorrow 
Are the once we pull 
Why does nature play silly games with me??!

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