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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Keta by the sea

Sandy soil, where home is with breeze   
The sun, has its day to come out after dawn
Every day to come out, on the beach bed   

The sea and the lagoon, has a lot to answer for 
Playing trading games, of give and take  
And give and take, and give and take  

At sun down, the beauty of Keta is to be admired  
At sun down, the choirs of the waves sing, a' the sand dance
They sing to please, a tradition to uphold 

Where I am sat, here surrounded by my family treasure 
The winds and breeze, sand and huts to acompany
The lighthouse a' lights of distance mine, in such of liquid gold 

Sweet songs from the children, they sing like the waves
The drum beats, of soul food, that has gone silent for while
They echo from my childhood memory, like ghost call

To say Keta, Keta of old reign, come reign again
To say Keta by the sea, where home is with breeze 
To say I know you will wake again, "head of the sand" 

Your sons a' daughters jump up everyday with excitment
On your beach sand bed in the morning and play to entice
To reach your spirit wake, oh Keta with breeze, awake to please


  1. Your words give the feel of the ocean waves. Makes me want to go to the beach. Nice write.

  2. I've said it before, that poetry isn't my thing But oh man, you might convert me. This was my favorite piece so far, one I would even seek to purchase. Lovely, lovely work!

  3. What a great story you wove here. Even the rhythm feels like the ocean to me!

  4. Cadence like the rolling waves, tidal even.


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