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Monday, 9 April 2012

To Kwahu Mountains

A season for crosses we carry 
And chocolates with Easter bunnies 
As cheerleaders, waving a pompoms 

A season for life's steep mountains 
We visualize to climb, that far up 
The traffic jam of slow progress

And the value of sacrifice 
Dearly beloved, for knowing you 
Of friendship and its true meaning 

We pledge to a cause, an Alma mater 
This will be our defining legacy 
And we make a pact, with life for the duration 

Easter is agreed, junction stops, as the celebration
Of  the pain of perseverance, holding on 
The stumbling blocks, of hold backs 

And repeat steps, de javu in reality 
Where we conjure, our inner strength 
To finish off, standing on top of mountains 

A thousand more will start this journey 
A thousand more, would have wished they did 
Only a handful will make it to the peak, pick a boo

A season for crosses we carry 
And chains with medallions, as symbols 
Heavy with what is expected, this much 

And tomorrow will tell, tomorrow will tell 
There is a cross on my bed room wall 
It glows in the dark 

I will have bird's flight and glide on descend 
With the crown and blazing glory 
Beneath, a thousand more waiting to climb 

1 comment:

  1. If only I could go have fun at the mountains...
    I'm beginning to hate my job more and more


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