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Friday, 20 April 2012

Message in a bottle

Eat, walk, work and play 
Sleep, wake, wash and pray 

Sleep, dream, form characters to relate 
And let me be present in your dreams 

Run, dance, swim, and jump 
Slip, slide into pools and lets get wet together 

Shop, wash, drive and see friends 
Side by side and let me be by your side 

For time is precious, so short, on value to have 
And us to please, we please, our time to be 

Send me a flower and say you love me 
And even in your absent, lets us be so close together 

Eat, walk, sleep and pray 
And to be by your side I will always be 

If you get this message in the bottle, I sent 
Then you know, I will always be by your side 

So sleep, wake, wash and pray 
And know I love you, I will always love you 

1 comment:

  1. What more can you say. Amen.


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