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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Road maps, Accra to Kumasi

In the red dust, that invades 
In the sun, that announces relentless 
In the sounds, projected in speakers 

In the crowds that gather for occasions 
In the colorful clothes portrayed  
In the vibrancy of the atmosphere 

In ceremonial, festive and crusading 
In religion, birth, marriage and death 
In traditions and rites upheld 

The banter and the laughter 
The shouting and finger signals 
The aroma and taste, exciting on taste-buds  

A thousand miles, Gulliver traveled 
Through lands of giants and the others  
To find meaning in search of treasure 

Last night I saw a man with body paint all over 
He danced to a live music band 
Until his heart's content 

Upon an open air space, fresh breeze 
Where drinks poured, adding to delight 
And barbecue of kebab on sticks were served  

I laughed  on therapy 
I laughed loud on therapy 
I laughed loud on therapy 

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