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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Happiness a ticket bought

Happiness is a journey 
A long way on the route 
Of life and tribulations to stops 

Happiness is a mentality 
A state of mind of perception 
Of what one thinks, in views held 

Happiness is a philosophy 
With what questions in rhetoric 
And answers left to ponder, wonder  

Why happiness is an angle of view 
Is the cup half full or half empty 
In context, in context, are you happy 

Will the cup have to be full to be 
Between then and now, and now 
That we journey, what will it be for you 


  1. I especially resonate with "Happiness is a state of mind of perception".......so very true......

  2. ..."what will it be for you." this is the key for me. happiness defined is different for each.

    good job.

  3. I love the playfulness of you poem. The questioning what is it for you? Yes, what will it be for you...

  4. Great job! I loved the flow of this poem.

  5. I agree completely Kodjo! You have written this beautifully!!


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