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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Child locks

Do not let the shadows of the night 
Fall on the day too soon 
To allow silent a breeding ground 

To awaken night creatures 
And thoughts that harass sleep's dream  
To make insomnia the kingpin 

To project the pondering mind's doubt 
On battles we fought in the day with brave heart
And left the fields with victory 

Do not let the shadows of the night 
Fall on the day too soon 
Vampire bats and boogeymen pester 

And child locks of the children's nightmare 
Manifest into real scare, night terrors for the adults 
With age and success, debt and death on bills 

And what legacies are to be left behind for prosperity 
Calling on doors, like a debt collector's knock 
Do not let the shadows,  fall on the day too soon 

We have earned this much to celebrate, bought child locks 
The brief moments of respites before sun down 
To mock the process with humor, in pursuit of road signs 


  1. i really like your repeat of Do not let the shadows, fall on the day too soon...it is open to interpretation and speaks to me of protecting our children...

  2. This has a wonderful rhythm to it, ans supports the imagery of childhood terrors and adult misgivings. The underlying mystery of innocence and xperience create a mysterious tension that makes reading the poem very enjoyable.

  3. I like the choice of this line:The brief moments of rest bites before sun down I felt as if you chose rest bites instead of respite, but I could be wrong, I do like your choice much better the word play is awesome!


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