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Thursday, 5 April 2012

My dreams "escape shaft"

My dreams open doors 
For escapes into realms of another 
To let my soul free of weights  

Awaken my wings to fly flight 
Through clouds and mountains 
Ocean floors to voyage 

I will escape to a place in mind
Where I will always be the hero 
As the main character defined  to play 

 I will escape to a place in mind 
A place where hot air balloons  fly 
And stories from books are invented 

Let me escape into a book 
Be a bookworm and day dream 
I will escape into a place in mind 
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  1. Yes, I love all of those escapes!
    Fun to be the hero in our dreams, too~

  2. Ah, the ultimate desire! Excellently rendered.

  3. Beautiful! What a stroke of inspiration you must have had to write such a poem! I never though of dreams as an escape. I love the dreamy and positive mood of your poem.

  4. I, too, love how words can take us so far, while we stay at home...lovely writing. Love your being the hero, too.


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