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Monday, 30 April 2012

My kidney stone's jar

The concept of time, pace, space and me 
Sometimes, my heart beats fast 
Then it slows, then it slows to rhythm 

My mind thinks and projects 
Then it ponders and holds 
With reasons, not to be so bold 

My eyes sees, past the horizon 
Pastures green on my lawn 
Then it becomes blocked in visions view 

I read a book and unlock my thoughts 
Then my thoughts, becomes a locked door 
Contemplation and procrastination ripe on arrival 

As though I am old and still young 
Sat in the womb, naked with no umbilical cord 
Imprisoned castles with glass roofs and walls that surround 

Surrealism of dreams and abstract thoughts 
I am stood out; lord over looking the projected fear 
I just placed in a jar, like a kidney stone 


  1. def not worth it if all we are is trapped by the thoughts...they should free us...and send us out...

  2. Very cool. I really like how you transitioned midway through, two different tones and voice, great job. Love those last 3 stanzas. Thanks

  3. I enjoyed this, enjoyed how your heart slowed to a good rhythm. Hopefully you will never experience the agony of that dreaded kidney stone!


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