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Monday, 23 April 2012

Estate houses

Moving wheels 
My life evolves and rotates, growing up
Around round and in a moving wheel 

My house is a moving wheel 
Designated to form part of the drain 
So it becomes mine for so long 

Until such time, 
Unknown and wish not to, so soon  
Too soon, so soon, not so soon 

When the big tractors come 
And the men with safety helmets proceed  
With bureaucratic halted projects, brown envelopes  

My life is in a moving wheel, my house is
And it is my pride of place, joy to have 
To call home, some where home 

Estates of communities, us as together safe 
My neighbor has no gated wall, no windows or doors 
We live in an open air community 

And my hope and pray and sincere wish 
Everyday I wake to dress for school 
Is that my house of moving wheels, my life 

Would still be there with mother 
Oh mother, when I get back, oh mother 
My home is in a drain pipe, my joy to have  


  1. Some realities...and it truly speaks one can be happy as what is happiness for them to be... nice!

  2. Oh the brutality of this simple plea. All the more so by the stark truth that this is reality for far too many.

  3. Such a sad state of affairs, when people are reduced to such measures for the most basic needs of life.

  4. Reality is always harder than it seems to be..Nice read !

  5. Great work.

    Home means the same in all languages.


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