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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Bumps on the road

When I was a child 
I laughed and wept, with little prod  
And wondered where candies were made.  

As an adult, on short breaks
A brief encounter was made 
Handshakes with serendipity 

Merry making with liquid miracles 
And in companion in communion in union 
Where the free spirited, gather  

We called the bluffs of stress and worry 
With mockery and laughter 
Until the cows came home. 

Today, in new dawns, 
We wear our helmets of thinker's cup 
With suits to conform, ready for battles

Rome has to have it's share of the cake 
And the tax man is impatient 
Something to do with his, poor childhood. 

A luta continua is the order of the day 
And the front line stands as where 
We are required, in uniforms of codes 

That time will be on us again, to break glass  
But for now, buckle up, friend 
There are bumps on this road 


  1. well expressed.

  2. Hi KDP,

    A poem written well, with your ideas expressed intricately...


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