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Thursday, 19 April 2012

City life, metropoly

Give me a row of houses 
A line of streets, set 
With lights to glow at night 

Give me a shopping mall  
A car park area, to line my park 
And pray no fool leaves dents, while I am gone 

Which is a complicated affair, I tell you 
When it comes to who to blame 
On account of insurance cover to have  

So signs are always left to read 
Which says, "at owners own risk" 
Like the wild west, each for his own 

But my options are few and far between 
So I guess, I always risk to buy a roll for wipes 
Where signs are left, for arguments sake, just in case 

Give me a complex of offices and industrial area, 
Area-ed signed, may be apart, maybe together 
To work and earn my keep 

But most of all 
Give me a park to walk, sit and run free 
And a stadium of sort, so I can be tribal on support 

Then I know, friend oh friend 
You have given me  a metro-poly 
To say I am living in the 21st century 

A few hand gadgets to add 
To say I am living in the 21st century 
This is the make of the 21st century 

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I have had my car dented while parked and even had a fake note put on it. It is sad that happens but it does. I think I would rather have a park than a car park near by. A park with trees would be nice. And always love those gadgets for our new century.

    Happy Theme Thursday and thank you for sharing such a thoughtful poem with us.

    God bless.


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