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Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Ice cream parlour

Turn your head high lights down low 
For you blinding my thought process 

Like a coming traffic, blurred vision 
And my eyes are sensitive to the ray 

So I would be forced to blind drive 
And run like, stamped on incoming traffic 

Turn your head high lights down low 
So  I can see your begrudge 

And find ways suitable to manage a resolve 
For what use is for a road rage 

Calm down now son, woman, calm down 
Just low down your emotions heightened 

And turn your head high light down low, down low 
I do not see, I can not see, too well in such encounters 

But I respond better, much better 
On an agreed compromise of civil, friendship 

So turn your head high lights down low 
Grab a seat, lets brake the temper with an ice cream chill  

Down to my rhythm of lie, simple, simple with vibe 
Down to make sense of your displeasure 

Come come now, chill why don't you 
Here, just there is the ice cream parlour 

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