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Monday, 27 December 2010

Black Gold

Winds gust are faceless 
While effects on cause 
In times, sometimes, are baseless

Suited and booted
Is my new found gold
Blacker than the berry, rich as that 

In my fathers house 
Rain of fortune once did fall in blessing
I pray to God, this be not, my flash flood curse

My neighbour bares scares 
Of what chest of treasures, once opened with joy
My neighbours fish choked on oxygen devoured 

Will this be me, my Midas luck, of golden touch
Watch what becomes of good men tested 
I pray to God on effect on cause

Leaves me not with darkened rivers 
Will effect on cause be my misfortune 
I pray to God, my land, black star be wise


  1. Splendid poetry...
    "Leaves me not with darkened rivers
    Will effect on cause be my misfortune "
    Nice :)


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