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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

A Game Changer

A game changer
The awaking realisation 
Presenting, feedback on screen's slide

Thus be, boot camp, the test
In marching order

To be or not to be
Be that it may be
Of situations drawn 

No excuse Sir!
The question still stands
Be that it may be, night and day

Stop beating around the bush
To be or not to be, jaws do scare
Hanged on vertigo, awaiting drop

What excuse stands 
Who looks and says its ok
Let go, it will be al-right

Just, fine
Touch wood, throw  dice
And wait on lady luck

Nah, you fool
Let go and see
If wings becomes your rescue 

A game changer
A realisation, in testing times
I need to get my house in order


  1. A warning, the picture and poem says!

  2. That made me smile and made it an interesting read too!!

  3. smart words...
    lovely test entry.


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