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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Tip toe, tip toe Shhhh

Charlie, don't rush, don't rush, go slow
One step, two step, go slow
Tip toe, tip toe, shhhhhh

Don't wake the kids up, on sesamme street
They are off, to the dream land, on santa's slegde
Onto to fantasy land in distance poles 

Fellow; rockabye, rockabye baby
Tip toe tip toe, shhhh
Don't wake the baby up

Go slow, go slow, don't wake the brace-band
Don't rush, don't rush go slow, go slow
Oopsy daisy, its too late; 
Bang bang, ching ching po pooooooo 

Now lets just go Ice-skating
Round  around, Christmas trees
Tip toe, tip toe, shhhhh
Don't go waking the baby now

If this didn't make any sense, it wasn't meant to...:)


  1. ha - nice! and i'm in for the ice skating...smiles

  2. It's a lullaby, and I think I hear the cradle rock. Good poem, Kodjo.

  3. You create a nice tapestry of childhood influences. Reminds me of many things about growing up——including the directives to shhhh. Cool poem, Kodjo.

  4. Always fun to see what people do with the prompt. Very refreshing take.

  5. Lovely thoughts, skating in the night without waking the baby up... Never happens that way, but what fun to watch the little ones on the rink.


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