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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Blue Bird, Blue Bird

Blue bird, blue bird
What became of my seed spent
My served seeds, on straws pulled

My stands made; what became of, my stands made
What's with the trickery shown
Buffoonish jesters, in tailored suits 

Why you taking the piss mate, the piss mate
Blue bird, blue bird; how old are you mate
Why you taking the piss mate

Waste my time on asked and answered
Called to court, on spectacles drawn
Contest in contest your beauty in context

To have been asked 
On beauty contest, dancing chairs
On choices made

To have me come close, but lose on crowns
Who lose, you lose; Oh blue bird, blue bird, 
Why peck my skin mate, just for the fun of it 

What became of my spent seed,
Straws pulled; rock, paper, scissors
What becomes of my vote cast..


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