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Monday, 6 December 2010

Last Shot

Terms and condition
Conditions set on precedence 
Should eventualities manifest
These are the said words, should in case 
In conditions, such deeds are set upon 

The law man; 
Your honor, your honor 
Always plays the wise man's game 
Trying to out smart, the smart ones
You smarty pants

You see, 
In legal fees, ones to the lawyer man, paid
When I set my terms, conditions do follow
Then it becomes a pin pong ball rally
Of his terms, my terms, his terms

As it goes,
Two lawyers in-between clients 
Sat on legal fees, and fine shoes 
His terms, my terms, his terms 
Conditions do follow, "legal fees"

Smarty pants, 
Then he said, for your legal fees 
Lets see, how far he will take it
Lets call his bluff, I am thinking  
I think it is a bluff 

That's it!, yep he said, 
If elephants can do yoga, 
On balancing balls,  you did be ok
For your legal fees

It hangs in the balance, my friend
I will have to prepare you,  
For eventualities, with consultation 
Sounds like a familiar ring of 

More legal fees, smarty pants
More legal fees? 
Terms and conditions 
Why did I not become a lawyer  


  1. Very well crafted..!! I quite agree with this myself
    keep Writing My Dear.. :)

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  3. interesting...I like the flow and the words gripped me. this form of poetry has always intrigued me. I am not a critic but I think you have a talent that the rest of us strive for.

  4. Interesting, and yes, balance is key.

  5. The picture got me from the start. Ha
    You deal with the balance so well - well legal things can't balance as well as the elephant.
    Your flow was excellent as well

    We appreciate having your excellent work each week at One Shot

    Thanks from MDW

  6. That is a marvelous metaphor, and makes me recall meeting with a lawyer and how I felt about it. Ugh. Nice writing, Kodjo

  7. A very interesting topic and how nicely written.

    I too loved the picture...)


  8. love the originality of your work...sometimes I hear to a rhythm like a song....love the smarty pants....thank you...bkm

  9. I enjoyed the flow of this poem and like bkm I love the smarty pants. Thank you for sharing

  10. This is an interesting piece. I too love the smarty pants... Love and Light, Sender

  11. I think the only reasons legal fees exist are to pay the high-priced lawyers and judges, and to keep the system from becoming too clogged-up.

    Nice One Shot, Kodjo!

  12. Clever, creative. Loved reading it, different! Thanks for the visit to my blog!

  13. it hangs in the balance my friend - so cool - your poem is for sure well balanced - great write!

  14. Clever, metaphorical piece, great - if inevitable, sadly - finish.

  15. Ahaa... witty, and darned clever!! Loved the analogy!
    It's all but a game .. a game where one keeps paying and paying thru' the nose! Paying for the guilt, for the innocence...for everything!
    I see emotions laid out very masterfully in this piece... a WOW One Shot, Kodjo!!!

  16. smart words....

    keep up the excellence.
    Jingle from Sunday Scribbling.


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