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Monday, 20 December 2010

Snowy Christmas

Oh holly night,
Oh coldy night, in Bristol stay
When snow falls drops
Like crystal balls

And white laid carpets
All around winters day
Slippery roads, and sledging hills

Wishing for a white Christmas
But hoping I get home
Before am snowed down

Oh holly night
Oh coldy night 
Hold back the snow
Until I make it back home


  1. i like to have some snow on christmas..smiles
    nice fun write kodjo

  2. Too many coldy nights here - blessings to you KD.

  3. love the poem and the image is great!
    happy Christmas!

  4. Oh I hope the snow waits for you

    and happiest of Christmases to you

    its such a joy to have you each week at One Shot
    hugs from the Moon

  5. hope you get home too

  6. Nice - I hope you do get home into the warm and dry safely

  7. So much truth in this. Snow lovely to see - but better from inside! Merry Christmas!

    Anna :o]

  8. Oh how I know this feeling. Nicely done, I'm smiling.


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