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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Dyslexia Disjointed

Don’t call me stupid
Don’t stare with bewilderment
To say as, say this, say in whispers heard
Mention a word and spell with ease

To check, and check and check again,
My keys, my phone, words spelling too
And still not see, where things do lie,
Where letters disjoint, in forming tête-à-tête 

Look and say; what's wrong with him
Its not by choice, am not a dunce
Don't patronise me so, gesture as jester
And call me stupid

I am, the word-smith, dabbler you came to know
I write, I utter and to you; thoughts provoke  
Such metaphoric connections, 
Your intellect bow to, in appreciation's gestures

In sing songs, such masterful sounds of music sang
In painting, always a master piece to hang
My speeches are moving, I utter with grace
Effortlessly in doing so, it brings smiles to faces

But then, in spelling bee, to have become lean
To spell they as there,
Their as thier, exact, as exert
Don't call me stupid, its not by choice

To my mind, its what it sees, and reads as so
Being forgetful is not by choice regard 
Sorry to have to ask, again again 
Your "name", your "name", please again 

To maths, I am brilliant, 
To maths I am not sometimes pulling out hair 
In my mind, its entangled in abstract
But don't call me stupid, its not by choice

For Information: http://www.fsc.yorku.ca/york/rsheese/psyc1010/wiki/index.php/How_does_dyslexia_affect_children_of_primary_school_age%3F
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  1. You Sir are indeed a wordsmith! I enjoyed this tremendously!

  2. I can't imagine anyone calling you stupid, Kodjo; I've seen too much evidence to the contrary.

    Nice One Shot!

  3. Brilliant wordsmith, brilliant message. Thanks so much for this.

  4. Ohh... very felt!! So easily we mock them on smaller matters, without realizing the intelligence behind their actions/thoughts...
    It took me 2 secs to realize the difference between their and thier... goes to show how capable I am with spellings...doesn't it?!

    Quite a poignant read..

  5. I, too, am fascinated by Einstein and others whose brains work outside the imposed expectations. Terrific read.

  6. It is an excellent - people really dont understand and they ridicule what they dont know

    you worded this perfectly

    Thanks for your support of One Shot - hope you submit for the anthology

    Smiles from the Moon (appreciate you)

  7. and what a fabulous wordsmith you are!

  8. Brilliant piece – so provoking

    Bravo :0

  9. As a teacher, I come across brilliant minds who have dyslexia. They need understanding. You really hit that here.


    dead man and his shoe painting

  10. I heard today that it was possible that Einstein had Aspergers, too. I wonder about such a brilliant man with dyslexia and it amazes me what people can accomplish. Thought provoking poem for me.

  11. Wonderful expression of thoughts. A true masterpiece.

  12. really liked the construction of this, the message.

  13. Really enjoyed this in form and message! I love how poetry allows us to creatively exhibit our darkest thoughts and brightest expectations.
    Really hope you'll come back to help my linky grow (monday madness at wordsinsync.blogspot.com) I'm following. Shah .X

  14. What an amazing poem, what an amazing blog! I love your blog and signed up immediately. Thank you for participating in Monday Madness. Wow.

  15. A wonderful, campaigning poem. It needs to be piblished, to convince the thoughtless mockers and knockers out there in the wider world.

  16. A whole new angle. Excellently well done.

  17. Enlightening. There is more to all of us when we stop putting each other in a box.

  18. Great voice in this piece. Thank you for giving it space to breathe in audience. Lovely.

  19. Dead good! This would make a brill performance piece too!

  20. Beautiful.
    So elegant. I love it.


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