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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

A walk in the Park

A light post stands, flash lights
A bin can fenced annexe; dogs bark, woof, woof, in excitement
On hill tops squirrels hang on tree climbs, nut crackers

This is  parks lay green on green grasses
Hills and contour, forms waves of fusion
A man on walks in solitude, slowly he steps
Indulged in his own thoughts

While run man, rains sweat, jogs off on parks 
Tries to escape from thoughts 
Turned in, turn on,tuned in, into ipods
Sounds blast, private concert in ears listen

Beyond hills lies, concrete trees, concrete jungles
Where reality stands, ready to battle
Round two; I unpredictable, he chants 

For now, the park is my sanctuary 
My piece of mind, my calming place, serenity my regroup
My escapism, take me to another place
It is the dream, of day light, eyes still wide opened

Take me to another place,
Platform on green green grasses 
Indulge me into escapism

Take me to nature,
Let me clear my head 
While time is called out,
On reality's thirst 


  1. nothing better than a beautiful day in the park...nice

  2. "Take me to another place"... made me think the man listening to his iPod had Arrested Development on his play list. Nice write, Kodjo. (The picture looks like me and my old friends on the park bench. lol)

  3. You bring the park to life in the opening stanza "A bin can fenced annexe" - thank you for sharing

  4. i hear you...nature is my retreat...a park will do...or a mountain...

  5. beautiful write here! the park is one place we all escape too when the indoors at times become colder..:)
    thank you for this nice piece :)

  6. Doesn't look like those boys have clear heads. But I know the feelings nature nurtures and you describe them well.

    Fate created my One Shot.

  7. Nailed that 'sunny day in the park' effect. Good work, good line breaks, good flow.

  8. There's something about being surrounded by green and trees...I loved your poem.

  9. a day or a moment in the park is like heaven on earth.... a beautiful post...

  10. A great mean to measure time and life indeed.

    Please have a good new week.

    daily athens

  11. I enjoyed this poem. It flows very nicely, and I can envision the details in each verse.

  12. I miss starting my days in a park that I did for many years.. having recently got relocated around concrete buildings.. thanks for reminding.. I would seachone nearby..

  13. I like the way your verse can be picturized with ease :) thanks for sharing!

    My Survival for OSI Calmed

  14. 'concrete trees..where reality stands'...great image..you've really captured what the park means for you..thanks for visiting.. Jae

  15. this is divine.

    park is your escape for now.
    the image is beautiful.

  16. A relaxing picture of a city park. I can see clearly some of the images you painted.

  17. oh I feel you on this one. there is park right near where I live that at times I wish was a bit more remote.


  18. True! Our parks are our only window to nature in a concrete jungle that is rapidly expanding.

  19. Always good to 'unplug' for awhile... in more ways than one. Nice one, Kodjo!

  20. I love the rhythm of your words flowing through this piece.

  21. Nice I like your take on the prompt...you are original...as always.

  22. green space is a desperately needed refuge in a city, great descriptions

  23. A park, that small piece of green nature in a concrete hell, has been the salvation of many a city-stranded life. You did it proud.


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