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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Have Nots!

My dear Santa
This is the happiest of day, the saddest of  day
The loveliest of day, the loneliest  of day

When gifts wrapped up, 
Sent by you, through Rudolf the reindeer
And seven others that follow
Are opened and shared by the fortunates

And thinkables,  and Abba songs 
Are sang with joy
This time next year 
Where will we be

And those life gave and those life took
The saddest of day, the happiest  of day
While Christmas carols are sang with joy
Love ones, hug and kiss with animation

And feast are served in such abundance
But for the man who lived without none
This day stands, his loneliest heart
 Is filled with sorrow in the coldest of spots

For Christmas makes
The unloved heart 
Feel  the loneliest of all
So share a thought for t' loneliest of hearts


  1. Too true - there is loneliness for some even in the crowd.

    Great thought conveyed at this time of year - Thursday we are actually doing a post for those who are gone - that makes for lonely times.

    thanks for sharing with One Shot

    Moon Smiles and have a Wonderful Christmas

  2. So true, thank you for sharing this

  3. It's true, Christmas can be the happiest or saddest time depending on circumstance.

  4. Beautiful thoughts expressed in this poem!!

  5. Thoughtful poem, well expressed empathy, and a great reminder to inspire love throughout the holidays, KD. Cheers

  6. this really hit home to me...with my personal problems with work or lack of it...i cant help worrying that this will be my last christmas in my house..and that as problems worsen i will have to lose it...enough of me though..you hit it right on the head with this...we take it for granted that everyone is happy coz we are ..you know its christmas...but then why are suicide rates at there highest this time of year..heck sorry to sound on a downer...trust me i aint..but it was a great poem..enjoy the festivities yourself and thanks for the support of one shot this year...all the best pete

  7. A powerful One Shot, Kodjo - sometimes we all need to be reminded of such inequalities.

  8. Solid version of the season-familiar theme. Godo work.

  9. Thought-provoking poem. Happiness and sadness are co-related and your poem makes that point :).


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