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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Sankofa Old Stories Told

Long, long ago, when  grounds were laid
Paths marked and old century announced
Blue print to be followed, like the 10 commandments lost

Long forgotten roads, once walked on
Memories fade and old stories die out
Someone forgot to announce to the young 

What stories were to be told, what history hold
Someone forgot to turn up by the fireside 
Under the tree, to pass on, the chalice

He died with it, in hand and that night
Marked roots of old grounds laid lost
Gone with the wind

Sankofa , birds sings in the morning
Before the break of dawn, like ghost try to be heard
Words of the wise still faint but alive 

Leaves echoes in the winds
Sankofa the old tales of before
Like old Greek poems rediscovered 

To be brought to live by speech
Like old Roman roads, to be walked on again.
And proverbs of old  Nubian Kingdom, still with wisdom

Today assumptions fills the gap in-between
Like go-between of  what is known 
And what is to be made up; tales to fit

Osagyefo shouts from winds whisper
Sankofa where old stories were lost
Rediscovered, like old Roman roads 


  1. lovely tale.
    you know a lot of symbols and history...


  2. This is beautiful! The oral tradition is so important but often neglected in these technology heavy times. What is the origin of the picture?

  3. It's really sad how things sometimes die with people, how history is not kept with us young people! Lovely, creative! Great Potluck!


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