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Friday, 10 December 2010

Glorify,Wrong Define

In throw down, spit out, free-verse
This is a public service announcement
Brought to you by; just get on with it

We glorify, wrong define
Our aims and targets
Look past one another

Mirrors reflections corrupted
Facts based on docted truth
Spinning on wheels of lies 

Concocted tales being sold to one another 
Boastful acts without content considerations
News papers force feed fantasies, us as targets

Airbrushed to deceive the eyes; gullibles
We are all politicians, words exchanged to course confusion 
Reality crowded crowned in complicated delusion

Double visions, so we choose to pick blindly
Gone in forgotten stages past, drop outs, wiped out 
Before the truth is seen in reflected mirrors

Neighbourhood watch
Turned neighboured gangs, transformations
In roles reverses, to torment one another 

Role models, too busy redefining their status
The end game aimed for, is riches selfish 
False prophets, picking on revelations chapters

No legacy left behind 
For the youth, to stage as ambitions
Silent reflected mirrors

So we glorify, wrong define 
Our aims and objectives, ambitions
Facts based on phantom achievements

That's that, in highlights, right there
And if you don't know now you know
Centre left, centre right all focused on corruption  

This was a public service announcement
Brought to you by; the morning light 
Still waiting for the charity donations

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