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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Timeless of time

Time is timeless, spiraling into black-holes 
Until in context, framed on subjects 
Dates are baseless, nothingness
Until on benchmark settings

Set on targets, count down
Deadline set, stop clock ticks
Time in context

Time in purpose, time on target
This time set, to act on essence 
Clock works ticks 

And to be, and to stand
To make a pact, 
On time, with time

To stand set on ceremonies 
On times marked X 
Time mark a place to reach 

And time is timeless,
Spiraling down a black hole 
Until such time, put in context
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  1. It's all just a number..until we give it limits..a good read..Jae

  2. Time does limit us, doesn't it? Intriguing poem!

  3. I swear I could hear ticking as I read this!
    well done

  4. I especially love this poem as I am forever railing against the limits of time (which unfortunately means I am often late)!

    Time is such a varying thing. When you're happy there seems to be so little of it, yet when you're sad it can go on forever!

    Thanks for the fab poem :)

  5. Time has no limits, yet it limits us.

    Good one!

    Stopping by from SS :)

  6. Very good! Reading this was time well spent!

  7. definitely...
    the photo of the spiral clock says it all :)


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