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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The Gym Membership

Life like the gym membership
New resolutions, made with conviction
A need, a reason, a justification for that change
A reward, a desire, a picture drawn on blue print

A step, steps, stepping
A change in attitude 
A focus drawn on targets
A new found confidence 

Then the question: 'Why did I not act all this time'
Time, time, time; oh, time of past procrastination
You deprived me, of such joy, of so much

The realisation; a percentage more of the 
Brain box, being used on marching beat box
Motivation, I am sitting on high

#On wards 
#Christian soldiers
#Marching on to.....

Relapse, self doubt, self worth
Ask the addict, why after the realisation 
Of cause and effect, effectively 
He went back to shots in veins

And the alcoholic may be synonymous 
To the term, falling off the wagon 
I tell you; so too can  be said, of the man
Who dreamt of building castles    

I am not giving answers
Mind you, mind the gap...
I am asking questions 
Answers; I have none, none to suit, I am no tailor 

Who out there solved the parable of strive
Made the difference between
The many that started
And the one that finished 

I am not giving answers 
I am asking questions 
I tell you this; still seeking answers 


  1. "Answers; I have none, none to suit, I am no tailor.." I will find a suitable place for this in future conversations..

  2. I really like this - still searching for answers...

  3. Someone has to ask the questions--no one seems to want to come up with the answers. Enjoyed, as always, seeing the world from your perspective, which you get across so well.

  4. nice word play...and i dount i will ever find them all...the answers that is...

  5. Answers or rationalizations? Well posted.

  6. Interesting questions - and a lovely word play - thank you for sharing

  7. questions...so much more valuable than answers...they open doorways and windows instead of closing them.

  8. steps, steps, stepping! always moving forward, we must!

  9. Life doesn't belong to those who sign up, life belongs to those who SHOW up! Nice One Shot.

  10. oh i really love this - falling off the waggon - asking questions - not giving clichéd flat answers - yes - really dig this

  11. Aren't we all still searching for answers. Nice. Also liked the photo about car being repossessed if you don't go to the gym--I should try that...

  12. Great One Shot, Kodjo! This poem has both great word play and message. Sometimes it feels like you sign your life away in contracts, and often that's what happens. Nonetheless, though-provoking poem. Cheers

  13. The two sides of this tale are so well told. First, optimism, yes! I can do this...and then the inevitable letdown.

    Very clever and well written.


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