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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Cinema in words

Cinema in words
Take a seat; doritos, cap cakes
Ice creams and pop corns, sweet or salted
Do have a fizzy drink, to push things down

Phones off, lovers behave
And no  pirate filming on projections shown
Silence all, lend me your ears
Food crunchers, silence; if you may

Let me take you into a cinema of words
Onto a land of imagination realms
Triggered, like hypnotics on pictures drawn
By the words I speak; rattle, ra ta ta ta taaaaaa

On occasion, Parental advice; objection advised
On occasion, not too late, not before bed time
Horrors do manifest from,
Stories told into dream worlds

On occasion; laughters, and jokes
And smile on comedy, to have been educated
On occasion, a real connection found,
 "I was moved" on responses gave

Let me take you into a cinema of words
Where poetry, seats on directors chair


  1. Nice...
    You described Cinema very well in words...
    I love it :)

  2. I liked this. Lyrically describes the cinema atmosphere. Well done.


  3. The picture alone took me to the feast of that world..the words more so..Jae

  4. You reminded me of why I love going to the movies.

  5. ...on occasion...horrors do manifest...
    oh, so true!


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