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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Oh, December

December, oh December 
Friends and family do gather
Christmas trees and turkey made present

Uncle Jack Daniels, with family of wine
Sits on  tables in patient waiting to be greeted
By the faithful; our lips are dry

Jokes and fun games, Christmas jumpers
Miles-toes; and if we were to be caught under it
A kiss is mine, its only tradition

Not to think, not to say 
Not to see January knocking on doors
Not to think, on the 5th, my course work, bids me fair well

Not on this day, in December 
I am to be graced, the spirit of indulgence
I am to be graced, if only for a while


  1. Love your uncle and his family!

  2. Great family and fun to get together too!!

  3. Thanks for gracing us with this! :o)

  4. lovely christmas poem - i enjoy december as well - the last days of a year that comes to an end before sth new starts...

  5. hope for the new year and Christmas carols.. amazing :)

  6. Christmas a wonderful time of yr, and you've captured it brilliantly:)


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