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Friday, 24 December 2010

An Inmate Of The Cell

Disconcerting truth, truth be told
Nah save that for the commentary
I criticise every thing, not like grumpy, like grumpy 

I am against the school that stands
I see two colours, hate transformation
Nah, I see rainbow, utopia and paradise 

Take me back to two colours
And they are not doing things right
So something needs be done

Don't ask me, I criticise every thing
Its me against them
Its me against the world

But don't push me
Put them in positions I stand
And see their sweat

Good fellows, miss goody two shoes
Reality would not conform (1 + 1 < 2)
To what life dramas they play in theatres

Don't bend my back 
Ask of me to draw straight lines
I am an inmate of the cell, I am the cell

For I am a critic, not like grumpy, like grumpy
That's my job; truth be told
Nah, save that for the commentary

1 comment:

  1. I luv this bruv... I criticise every thing, not like grumpy, like grumpy ..... "Put me in positions they stand and see their sweat".... real poetry this is


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