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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Dangerous Minds

Picture from: http://blog.sierratradingpost.com

Spring box, wallabies,
Kangaroies, on beauty contest

I am stood on spring box setting
Light a bird, nah light as a feather
Jet set, strapped on, to go on, fly bys

#Come fly with me
#let fly,
#let fly again

Sudden weight on add ons
Thoughts left wandering

Gaining debris
The rule is don't look down
Ops, told you don't look down

The mind is a dangerous thing
Setting doubts on ambitious strides
Can I, will I, Could I; ha haaa, told you

Yet no man, made it past first post
Without hindrance
Lucky strike, still needs follow ups

This is preparation
Brain train, sudoku
Step 1; know the mind is a dangerous thing
Step 2; Maintain that self belief
Step 3; ..........it is a dangerous thing


  1. Very, very clever use of words. You are blessed with an imagination, Kodjo. Thanks for this poem.

  2. Yes it is...it is..it holds everything we are...a universe of its own...with eteranl possiblity...and deception...nice write..bkm

  3. breath taking.
    your imagery is superb.

  4. Excellent work, =) Loved the style =D


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