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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

To place a bet

I had a dream,  and saw what became of the corner stone 
If prophecy had value it showed really it did 
With the bet it placed on the corner stone 

Half the time when names crop up 
When names from the past crop up 
When characters from old crop up 

Leading one to wonder, just what became of thee 
Did one flourish generously from seedlings to trees? 
Was one able to bare fruits of thy seed?

What of the one sidelined, he was among us
Of the group that came in on the third row penalized 
Close to the back and sat with comfort 

What of the best among us 
In those days with golden parachutes 
The ivy league, with know and attention seeking 

I wonder, what became of thee 
When all others had been used to build 
Who stood out to be the load-baring corner stone 

If prophecy has value it showed 
And the fortune teller came good 
I bared witness to what became of the cornerstone 


  1. very philosophical well done

  2. Cool perspective; brings us in and makes us, too, wonder what the cornerstones in all the buildings surrounding us foretold, and which prophecies came true and which didn't, and if somewhere these are being recorded . . .


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