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Saturday, 31 March 2012

I Just Saw Love

Everybody hurts sometimes 
Why, as love do bleed 
Everybody hurts sometimes 

You see, love is a notion with different strokes 
Different angles and viewing point 
Like a coin with two sides and a third 

With a side so familiar, to be drawn to 
"It is heads, heads, I know, heads!"
Well, well and we all choose over tails 

But in truth where reality is coined 
As the order of the day, awakened day dream 
"Wash your face, this is boot camp"

Just like an Ice berg 
The weight and size of endurance, like most 
With load, ends beneath the sea 

Dealing with the cold, realities of life
A friend once said with poignancy 
And realization after reality's knock 

"Truth is, love is going to hurt 
One just, have to find a subject
Worth suffering for and with "

The tail end, stands as to form 
Expect roses to always come with 
Thorns attached, that is where we hold 

Not the petal, dear, never the petal 
That is just to look at, admire and stare, smell 
And work hard to keep from dying 

1 comment:

  1. All of this is true. Love hurts, but, it can also be an exquisite type of pain. lol


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