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Monday, 28 May 2012

Catching A Train

Prospects packing journeys bags 
Shoes without laces, "tickets please"  
Baskets without handles, carry top, "head shops" 

I know sometimes, sometimes I know, aware   
The winds, can make a wave with ease 
On the lake, energy in forms, "this is science" 

But what control does one have on chains of reactions 
Ada abracadabra, with magic wands 
I will grab a seat and watch, spectacles 

While one holds a stone, a chain reaction 
With hold back, expecting miracles 
What control do you have on the winds 

Say magic, is your best shot at making 
A circular waves on the lake, as tasked to
Lets pray for the appearance of an insect "leggy landing" 

Stop with your jibba jabba, fool 
Whats with the stone in one's hand, lamenting 
When asked, how do you make a circular wave 

Quick now, the train just arrived on the platform 
Last call, the red flag goes down for the green 
All on board, all on board!!! 

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