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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Mechanized Wings

Distance I will have of air 
Overseeing the clouds below 
I will be a bird flying with mechanized wings 

How do I change the colors  
Of my feathers so grown 
So full on my wings and used 

To say I flew from the south 
To make my home on nests 
Among the birds of prey 

And hold strong 
The fort of  resolve and strive 
To build firm foundations 

I hatched an egg in these lands 
But now I have to find my way 
Back unto old winds 

Old winds that gave me uplift 
On these old streams I glided upon 
When I was young 

I will leave a part of me with old 
And a part of me, with new 
And between the two stations 

I would be a bird 
With mechanics-ed wings 
Flying to and fro to places I belong 

Mechanized wings 
To places I belong 
I will fly to places I belong 

1 comment:

  1. Nice. I like the flow. I like the images of old and new. And the idea of flying to places I belong. That's a great line.


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