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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Clowns and Heroes

Whirlpools and black-holes 
And the end is what, there say  
Is this close in sight, don't clown me 

Hold back, deep breaths, deep breaths 
How long can you stand, deep breaths 
Hold your breath, under water, deep breaths  

Oh and know this; while you are down 
You are the clown, until you make it 
Back up again, you are the clown 

Split seconds, a little longer, on being the clown  
Before the storm is over, hold on, hold on 
How long can you, hold your breath 

I saw a thousand, plus and plus 
Fishes dead in water, water dead clowns, they are 
And asked how come, in possibilities, how come t' are 

Then came the answer unexpected, I never expected 
They drowned in the water, they drowned, they drowned? 
Yep, they drowned; with no oxygen left, they drowned like clowns 

So how long can one, hold his breath 
Under water, forgive the lack of oxygen 
 And the end is what they say, is this close in sight 

Just pass the storm, 
Whirlpools and black-holes 
Together now, lets all just jump in together now 

Slowly, slowly down we go 
The end is this close, this close in sight 
Just this close in sight, to turn a clown into a hero 

To turn a clown into a  hero 


  1. Know this, while you are down
    You are the clown, until you make it
    Back up again, you are the clown


    how long can you hold your breath...

    this too will pass you know, you just have to hold out...and others will try to keep you down but if you want you can climb...

  2. Holy buckets Batman, this one took me on a ride! I loved this piece, and read it four times. Each time it pulled me up and around, disconcerting start, then the rhythm picks up. Your images speak volumes. Excellent write.

  3. The circus treads a fine line between foolish tricks and death defying heroics. You have captured it all in this poem. Thank you for sharing this, K.D. A heroic write! =D

  4. ...and know this, gee I like your style of poem here! I liked it from the title and it just kept getting better! Very cool!

  5. You believe in every word you write and that's what makes your work so powerful. these are just words, their emotions

  6. Yes, it is obviously a song, more than just a poem, a performance piece and it requires a stage and a character to chant it, probably a group of musicians and a complex rhythmic backbeat, and lighting too, set design, the whole thing to make it what it really is.

  7. I like the pairing of the words whirlpools and black-holes...wonderful write...

  8. Wonderful rhythm that carries the reader along...



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