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Saturday, 12 May 2012


Whose voice was it, that awaken the inside of me, day break 
Like a spiritual calling, back to my instinct hear loud 

What words are said, to knock, knock, on my sleepy hearts 
What language like tongues, my heart shares with my head 

It sends me back to my instinct call, make peace not war 
I am basic again, I am sophisticated, I am light as a feather 

I am a reaction to a sound I heard from the south 
Africa, the corner stone, the awakening call, I am glory 

It is that sound, like the birds chatter in the morning to wake 
My mind's rest, and watch the golden glow of the morning sunrise 

The sounds of beats add ons, only serves to accentuate the magic of life 
I can not help, but nod my head, like a wall gecko 

My shoulders, and legs follow, my soul dance 
It is in a trance, I am in a trance, a happy place, a happy place 

Heard someone say, rest in peace, to send shock waves 
You never did tell me, how you got your angel wings  

But before you went, you left me with the magic 
Of sounds, of music, of life, of Africa 


  1. ***But before you went, you left me with the magic
    Of sounds, of music, of life, of Africa***

    b e a u t i f u l.

  2. I am basic again, I am sophisticated, I am light as a feather

    This line really stood out to me!! Really great tribute!!

  3. I love this so much, especially your closing lines, the music of life, of Africa......beautiful, Kodjo!

  4. The magic of music is as good as the magic of your words

  5. You have touched me with your words, Kodjo. Thank you!

  6. A beautiful tribute and such powerful images! Nicely done. And thank you so much for sharing her talent too.

  7. This was magic to read
    Thankyoufor sharing
    ; )
    I lve your voice in this poem

  8. make peace not war - words for us all

  9. Gud one there bruv!


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