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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Four A Side;A losing side

This must be the start of summer 
When four a side, with one on the side 
For one of the sides, had one more in hand  

Hold battles on the field 
To resolve an age old conflict 
Of lets play each side; a friendly game 

Keeping in mind, with age count plus one 
One of the sides, doubles the other with age 
Of course, just as it happens with one spare to play  

The end result, without goal line technology 
Stood as a symbol of the outcome met 
Fifteen : Seven, holy, holy cow; was that French 

But as this stands as an age old battle 
Where strangers meet, and choose to battle 
I prescribe another of such events, to redeem lost pride 

Indeed to redeem lost pride 
To have two left feet and age count against 
With barbecue and beer, served on the menu, as excuse 

This must be the start of the summer 
On the park, with strangers encounter and bravado 
Another battle would soon be fought, legs stretch  

To redeem lost pride, to be young again 
With memory books open to be inscribed 
This must be the start of summer 


  1. haha...yes there comes a time we have to lay down our 'swords' if you will and let the youth play so that when we wake up in the morning we can still walk you know...smiles...funny how it always comes down to competition though...

  2. yes, that is the feeling of summer... little kids rule the days and plan to kick a lot of butt... smile

  3. so it's not the heat that defines the summer, it's how kids behave free from school, free too play the way they want to play. that's a great definition.

    spaceship tanka


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