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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Fruitless Trees

I heard the Aztec had my name 
On sacrificial alters 

My head to roll down juggle steps 
A thousand steps, leaving my neck behind "as if" 

Was this for the god of the sun 
What selfish god would want my end 

Would want so much of my blood dribbling 
To gorge on and be sat with feast of more 

Just so he would offer one good deed 
Is goodness not meant to navigate to virtue of gain 

And can this much blood really 
Set fertile the land, less rain  

But this was as words I heard 
I heard the Aztecs had my name 

And as history is written in notes 
By one side to a party,  preference 

I would never know, who truly 
Had my name on sacrificial alters 

Mine is my neck to keep 
Mine is my honour to have 

And no one will roll my head 
Down a thousand steps as sacrifice to fawn 

In whispers, that killed the blue bird song 
With a thousand cuts, last to roll my head 

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  1. well, well, very interesting take on the prompt. I like it very much. :-)


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