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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Weightless Rivers

How many gallons of water 
Is needed to mount a lift off, of dry leaves 

I have pushed this far 
Weighed the weight of weightlessness 

It is like a phantom stone 
It shows not on the scale, yet so heavy 

How many gallons of water 
Is needed to mount a lift off 

Is the edges of the river with roots 
Anchored to grip, holding firm, not letting go 

How entangled is thou in hearts, emotions  
Long ribbons caught in webs 

And then one day it just flows 
Weightless on the river with nothing to be said 

How many gallons of water 
Is needed to mount a lift off 

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  1. I love the lines ending in 'to mount a liftoff'

    Well done.

  2. Your opening and closing question packs a punch...beautiful write...

  3. No so many as you might think..... ;)

    Lovely thoughts!

  4. I suppose it's a strange response to your writing, but I immediately thought of taking off from a remote Alaskan lake in a float plane. (My husband is a pilot.) Enjoyable read.

  5. long ribbons caught in webs..lovely piece..x

  6. I love your poem of pondering and wondering with ripples in and out. It flows rhythmically. Thank you for sharing, K.D. =D

  7. Oh this is something we must know...just how many gallons shall it be? I enjoyed the flow to your poem so!

  8. I like the recurring question.


  9. Ah, your soul rocket is water powered, like mine. Im sure the tree roots will stretch in time

  10. emotions long ribbons caught in webs

    But not those woven by spiders...:)


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