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Friday, 25 May 2012

The Naked Fish

Awareness holds form firm 
If behind confidence stands 
How far will the bird fly 

Vertigo being made obsolete 
Hanged like work shoes 
No longer required for function 

Have you seen a fish 
Shy of water, looking for a towel 
Saying, I look naked, get me a towel 

Putting a foot in rivers and quickly 
Pulling out with phobia over others with fins 
Don't chicken out now, mate 

I just signed you up
And placed a bet 
With my house on it, 5 to 1

You are to swim, my dear friend  
From Dover to Calais  
And for that, to just be a doodle, diddly-doo 


  1. Swim my Brother...swim to success...to achieve your dreams

  2. Some wise words beautifully spoken here Kodjo! :-)

  3. free spirit and great fun.

    good job, good job.

  4. Swim little fishy, swim if you can...

  5. "you are to swim..." aren't we all? ;)
    I loved this verse: "Have you seen a fish
    Shy of water, looking for a towel
    Saying, I look naked, get me a towel" - :) true, true.

  6. Whew, a swim from Dover to Calais would definitely wear one out. I would guess your house would not be safe. Smiles. Clever poem as always, Kodjo!

  7. interesting...like how you used the fish to make your point to them kodjo...and your belief in them as well...that goes a long way in them eventually swimming...

  8. True, we should love what we are doing

  9. It made me really want to go out and give a fish a towel. Fine work. Thanks for sharing it.

  10. Very clever. A big swim with a house riding on the outcome. Cool!

  11. hope this is a flying fish...
    Kodjo I've been reading lots of contemporary published poetry - I sure hope you are submitting your work because you fit right into that impressionistic genre of poetry
    I always love your work - leaves my mind in a fanciful whirl


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