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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Scattered Thought

I have seen the light through countless eyes 
And constantly the color change in my eyes 

It reflects, intentions and emotions I hold  
For green spells out greed, blue is favorite 

And I hold brown out for elegant, cute 
Something special, subtle settle feeling to adore    

Between good and bad, clam and rage 
I am a cacophony of colors, words and emotion 

Each for his own, chaos and exploding, busting out  
Horizon begs the day to have enlightenment  

Like abstract mural, sense to be made of, understood 
Opening up Pandora's box with multiple outcome of colors 

And yet opium seems the obvious choice 
After discovery, to numb down the pain of know 

Dumb down the discovery of awakening 
Before psychosis becomes the threshold reached 

With such beautiful colors he had of thought  
I asked the mad man, what made him so? so mad 

1 comment:

  1. Wow that is thought provoking! You even incorporated the words opium and horizon...I love your interpretation of the mural...colors, madness, opium, the thin line between imagination and madness. Thank you for sharing this with me.


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