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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Easy Roads

Is a bird big enough to escape 
The silk web of the spider, vision entangled  

How big must the bird be 
Does it matter what wing span it bares

What if it is the bee hummingbird 
Against the Goliath tarantula 

With silk traps to engage the hapless 
Is there a chance of an escape for prospect stands 

Does the buffalo always lose out to 
The lion's hunt, on chase 

How low is one to bend one's knees 
To make a jump this high, and glide above 

I would have long been made a King 
But so would a thousand on easy roads 

On easy roads, had signs and signals 
Been chalked on road paths; street lights from start to finish 

This path is uncharted, this walk is new 
This assertion, stands as new grounds to own  
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