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Monday, 7 May 2012

Stars Count

Every night I count the stars 
Every night before I sleep 

Every night I take a basket 
Every night to count the stars 

In the day, it is hard to see them 
So every night I count the stars 

Last night a star went out, one out of ten 
Twinkle, twinkle a star went out 

One less in my basket count 
I lost a star in my garden twinkle 

My lights went low, low and twinkle dim 
I lost a star, my twinkle star 

Then today I found a new star born 
A new star twinkle, so bright and tender 

Every night I count the stars 
On this day I am back to ten 

Twinkle twinkle in my garden twinkle 
Every night I count the stars 


  1. lovely........so often what we think is lost is replaced by something brighter.

  2. really a nice job here. Love the philosophical couplets, and the sentiments within each of them and then the overall sentiments of the piece as a unified grouping. Thanks for sharing.


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