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Thursday, 3 May 2012

A trip in Ghana

Why would one not opt for a flight 
A half an hour journey of  flight to the garden city 
And rather long it on four, such hours long to Kumasi 

Such hours long, with evidence left of falls  
By past pilgrims who came before thee 
And fell by the road side shy of destinations.  

Is time not of essence, to value its count  
This far long to be given so generously out 
And falls of old sergeants long before reach 

Is  time not relative to cost, relevant 
Is cost, what accounts for time on queue?
Or is life preservation not to be the ultimate sway 

Yet for the country side views to be seen, Kwahu 
Some with flight jump on glide of mountains past 
For the zig zag, and steep hills roads to be crossed 

Some stops, on stop ways to refresh 
Replenish and encounter with surprise 
Others on journey voyagers of the course 

To share a story with a stranger on rest stops 
And say I will meet you there, where jokers walk 
Under festive grounds, I will meet you there 

In the company of friends we keep 
And the stories we share and laughters on journey 
And the quick stops for tender sensitive stomachs 

This would be as an emergency on drama
To form part of the jovial tales we tell 
When we talk of the time we voyaged  on an adventure

I guess this is why one would not opt 
On choices, options for a flight 
A half an hour, on journeys flight  

On road trips in Ghana, crossing 
From Accra to the east, the west and the north 
From the south in chase of the colorful festive celebrations 

Picture by: Mariemcc

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