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Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Parable of Survival

What becomes of the bird's nest 
Sat securely on a dying branch, forest trees  

With leaves dried out and falling off 
With open view like open curtains 

What becomes of the hatch-lings  
That sit in open view tweeting, tweeting 

Calling for mother's attention seeking 
To bring back harvest of a kind 

Spotted through the eye gaze of the eagle 
With a lock on lunch, is this bingo   

And if the tree should die 
Does that mean, the hatch-ling with life 

Granted would follow, with faith 
With faith entwined, a sitting duck 

This is a parable, a conundrum stand 
Holding answers in viewing point 

To ask what relations does 
The bird, the nest and the tree have 

And can this be severed, without cutting
The umbilical chord, of the hatch-ling's life 

What becomes of the birds nest "hatch-ling inside" 
Sat securely on a dying branch 


  1. Very interesting questions you ask about nature. Yes, I think it's all interrelated--the bird, nest, tree--giving nurture and shelter to each other. Nice poem! :)

  2. they share a common bond...even the dead tree limb, providing for each other...a link in new life you know...

  3. I like your questions and the images you paint here. Actually there is so much life in a dead tree limb--dead is kind of an oxymoron. Write on.

  4. Through provoking Kodjo.....a lovely write! :-)

  5. So much to think about here, Kodjo! Thanks for participating in Poetry Jam.

  6. A unique take on this prompt, engrossing too. I quite enjoyed it. Well done.


  7. Your story entranced me. It also gave me a great feeling that in death the tree was providing for life. Beautiful.

  8. Love how you open and close with a question. A very thought-provoking poem. Great job!


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