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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Play play play

Play, play, play 
Pat my back my shoulder height 
Run and run and I will try and catch you  

Play, play, play 
Swing on swing, swing so high, to the heavens hands  
Like a bird with new wings to fly 

Climb up, step up, the stairs on playgrounds 
And swing down, swing low, my dear 
Play play play 

Walk as fast, walk as slow, walk a moon walk  
Play, play, playful play 
Crawl and jump, hop and skip 

And when we are done, ok we are done now 
On playful grounds  
Oh play, play, play 

And the sun of light,
Goes down for the night 
On play play play 

To rest his eyes 
Say bye bye until tomorrow 
Bye bye, play, play, play

Until tomorrow, tomorrow it be 
When we will wake and play 
And play and play some more 

Parks are a heaven 
To the joy of childhood 
Blissful bliss says play, play, play 


  1. I love the carefree feeling, when I read your poem~
    Yes, parks are heaven to the joy of childhood :D

  2. Childhood, the time to play all day. You have captured the delight of play well!

  3. We are in the country, but it was the same. Play, play, play all summer long! Loved the childlike abandon of this poem - made me want to grab sidewalk chalk and draw a FourSquare!! Peace, Amy

  4. Such are the days!!! So much fun!!! I like the repetition in this echoing the bouncing of balls, swinging etc., worked well!!


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