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Monday, 21 May 2012

A Notion of Satire 1 - 3

#Monkey chop banana
What is funny about that
To make a song, and laugh out loud...lol

I will bench press hard, gym membership 
Until I find reason, solid "take a picture"
To hold pose in mid air to salivate, macho

Have you not heard, the joy to have
Winnie the pooh, is coming to town
And with that, all let loose of hold, crazy

Why are bears given a soft profile
With false ownership of honey
While the makers are left on wishful relish

In the back room watching
Pretenders take ovation stands, curtains
In Alaska, an alarm is raised Caution "a bear is in town"

Will a catholic truly drink and eat
In the literal sense, the body and blood of Christ
How barbaric that sounds, in notions to have

But one has to, have faith," spider-man, batman and mermaids"
In the true sense, that it is so, "to the rescue"
To give credence value, in doing so, as faith

#Monkey chop banana
What is so funny about that
To make a song and laugh out loud..lol 


  1. There are some intriguing thoughts and images in this poem:)I smiled at the "bear is in town" in Alaska.

  2. Must encourage the glorious absurdity of your writing!


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