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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A Notion of Satire 2 - 3

#Monkey chop banana 
What is funny about that 
To make a song and laugh out loud 

And in good old England, land of the rain 
Whilst rain pours, a drought is announced 
Like Las Vegas, with hose pipe ban, to be stirctly enforced 

Do not water the plants 
Do not drink from the tap 
But feel free to wash off Picasso's art on the wall 

Do not ask me, what meaning analogue holds 
Would I have stated such observation 
If I was in the know, in baffled conundrums 

Does everything have to have meaning, rationale 
Faith and life would disagree, have faith 
Would the greasely bear, rather be known as Winne  

#Monkey chop banana 
What is so funny about that 
To make a song and laugh out loud 


  1. sometimes laughter is the best we can do at the irony in this world you know...smiles....

  2. I guess we can always find humor and art lying in between the lines, the lions, somewhere in Lyon even London perhaps. Made me smile too.


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