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Monday, 30 August 2010

Caged Lion

Oh day, among the trailers stands..
Oh jail of lions, four corners surround..
And murdered straws, lie on floors..

Your vision, in battles with obstruction..
As bloodless, boneless meat; tasteless..
Is served on plater as treat..

What a pity, while rural landscapes..
Lie in sight, opened, free..
Ready to be set on  pace..

What a pity, to feel fraudulent..
Locked behind rods..
While uproar is sang about majesty..

Let me loose, set me free..
And sing of me, after I am..
No more in chains..
Free to walk, while joggling on strings..
Tied between two Himalayan mountains..

Call me king of the jungle..
When my roar, sends wilder beast running..
And crocodiles, only have mouth to say..
When sat in waters comfort..
"You better stay there, in waters"..

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